Thelos loves its craft: the limited edition of contemporary design furniture.

We select with sensitively criteria the most suggestive and contemporary design furniture from worldwide designers and artists. We seek that our furniture emits always an autonomous significance and evokes a concrete atmosphere, with beauty, poetry and a well defined individual character, to ensure enjoy extraordinary experiences.

How the greek word Thelos means: “the existence of architecture is based on its use, and after on its aesthetics.” In Thelos we have transferred this philosophy to furniture scale, and we only made furniture that contains the excellence in its use, but with all its visual details close to art, to also ensure the aesthetic excellence.

We choose with care the best design to elaborate it with a tecno-artisan production with over 50 years high-end cabinetmaking experience and with highest technology production. We use raw materials from sustainable sources, natural finishes and organic fabrics, to ensure full empathy towards the people who use our furniture and towards our planet.

Thelos. Pure design, pure empathy.