New WASABI chair | A chair-sculpture with Japanese soul

Thelos - Wasabi chair (Ash st. Black) rear Interior

It is always a pleasure for us to present new designs. But in this case, we are very proud to announce the incorporation of the WASABI chair in our collection.


WASABI is special. It is a chair with a Japanese soul design, with solid wood carved with a lot of art and a very fresh character, coming directly from the new batch of young designers of Milan. When the mixture of ingredients is as good as this, it can only result in something very special: the WASABI chair.


Thelos always strive to work natural wood in a very elaborate and artisan way, as it has been done in many cultures all over the world. But there is a particular culture, the Japanese, with a very marked and clear aesthetic. The attraction of the Japanese feel for wood is well known and their commitment to minimalism and sculptural forms as well. That is why when they presented us this design we do not hesitate a moment to accept it for our collection of Thelos. WASABI is a sculptural object of daily use, but it is also a unique piece full of Japanese personality and symbolism. But that is not all, it also has a European and Mediterranean air, fresh and modern, characteristic of new contemporary designs. In short, a symbiosis of two marked cultures, from their past and from their present.


Thelos - Wasabi chair (Walnut wood) rear up


The productive part of the WASABI chair is very significant, since it is made piece by piece and are joined as if it were a human skeleton. Seals worked with internal joints and externally tuned, and an ergonomic solid wood seat for comfort and also has the function of stabilizing the entire assembly of the chair so that, once glued and finished, according to a compact and consistent body, necessary and suitable for its use.


Thelos - Wasabi chair (Ash st. Oak) lat


The finishes in a chair of this type is very simple and minimalist, without ornaments or superfluous materials. The solid wood is the only protagonist and the natural touch the essence for human contact. We wanted to create a piece that constantly keeps people in direct contact with nature, and we believe that we have achieved it, giving a water-based varnish finish without solvents and only in the right amount, to keep the pore open, characteristic of natural wood.


WASABI is available in natural Walnut solid wood, Ash stained Oak and Ash stained black. Given the importance of solid wood and its tonality in the aesthetics of the chair, we expressly wanted to simplify the tonalities with these concrete finishes in light wood, dark wood and an intermediate tone. The rest of expressiveness is generated by the shape and silhouette of the WASABI chair.


Design of DesignLibero for the Thelos collection 2017.



WASABI by DesignLibero. Nice and friendly experience.

The collaboration with DesignLibero has been very nice and friendly. We continue to work on more designs. With WASABI, the fluidity of the work has been total. WASABI has a very elaborate design with sculptural aesthetics and craftsmanship details that has been perfectly balanced with a strong contemporary and minimalist touch. At Thelos we are proud of the result.


Find more info and the catalog here: WASABI


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