New SLOT sideboard | A minimalist furniture piece with character


The new SLOT sideboard is already part of the Thelos family and, if you follow us, we want to explain all the details..


SLOT is a sideboard of clear minimalist design, and we wanted to accentuate the air of Thelos with a strong esthetic dose of solid wood that surrounds the furniture and generates a solid and polished structure, in a balanced and sensual form. With a work playing to the limit with the twisting of the wood, we wanted to get, as we say, an elegant outline with a unique character that at the same time is balanced with the clean minimalism transmitted by fine lacquered doors and knotted handle.



The SLOT design proposal has come from the hand of the CrousCalogero studio and, working hand in hand with the constructive details, we have managed to explore all the possibilities to maintain its original idea, while we changed some proportions and thicknesses to be able to conserve the special contour of solid wood, characteristic of this sideboard. A deep work to understand the limits of technical and technological work with wood, and to be able to find the balance with a coherent aesthetic sensibility. In short, a piece with a lot of personality and no visual strings.


Thelos - Slot sideboard - walnut - arena front


We propose three shades of color of the doors to combine with the Walnut wood. Few finishes to maintain this unique and minimalistic aesthetic dialogue, where the Walnut is the main protagonist in the view and the touch of the user, and the doors the utilitarian part of the furniture.



To be able to place SLOT without problems in any space, it is available in two sizes: one large, for more large spaces, and one small, for more smaller spaces. It can also be placed as a space separator, since it is always finished on both sides.



The SLOT sideboard is created with a dynamic spirit and can be located in living rooms and dining rooms as well, as in reception rooms and bedrooms; and also as much in private residences as in hotels.


The SLOT sideboard is designed by CrousCalogero for Thelos’ 2016 collection.




SLOT. Minimalism and character.

The result of the first collaboration with the CrousCalogero  studio has been a great shared experience. With these designers with international baggage for years in the furniture sector and the transmission of technical and artisan knowledge by Thelos has made the ideas and evolutions of SLOT design flow with naturalness and rigor. Good job!!


More info and catalogue at: SLOT

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