New PETAL chair | The beauty of sculpted nature

Thelos - Petal chair - Ash stained Black - Aged Design 48


We present with great enthusiasm the incorporation of the new PETAL chair to the THELOS collection.


PETAL chair is a truly special chair and we are proud to have been fully involved in its development. PETAL is a piece of special design, at the same time as an artisan object of the highest technical level. Made of solid wood, PETAL is literally sculpted from nature to find in it the features of the most authentic craftsmanship applied to design.


Thelos - Petal chair - Ash stained Black - Aged Design 48



The design of PETAL is an integral celebration of the creativity realized by the DesignLibero studio in Milan. A joint work between the current techno-craft knowledge and the permanent creative design that ever come from Italy. PETAL is not just a chair, it is a contemporary design object with natural roots and the know-how of the modern craftsmanship.


Thelos - Petal chair - Ash stained Black - Aged Design 85


It has been a meticulous job to finding ideal finishes with natural soul that requires to a piece like this. PETAL is available in 3 shades of wood and a set of unique fabrics with a very characteristic texture. The possible combinations give PETAL an aesthetic balance with very character.

PETAL is an experience of the senses for lovers of design and pause. A necessary pause to enjoy pieces of contemporary design such as PETAL.


Thelos - Petal chair - Ash stained Oak - Aged Design 89


Thelos - Petal chair - Ash stained Black - Aged Nature 122


PETAL by DesignLibero. Exploring the limits of craftsmanship and design.

Another collaboration with DesignLibero that further strengthens the knowledge acquired by both parties in terms of craftsmanship, know-how, design at the highest level and with maximum sensitivity in the selection of natural and organic materials. A pleasure made work. A work made pleasure.


Find more info and the catalog here: PETAL

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