New OLEA chair. The deepest soul of wood.


The new OLEA chair shows in detail the deepest soul of the wood. We love its design, we love what it contains of art and we love the naturalness it gives off.


OLEA is a new dining chair made from the inspiration of our Mediterranean culture and its constant relationship with the sea and the vegetation. Organic and natural forms flow to create a structure reminiscent of the branches of Mediterranean trees and their endless stories they contain. The natural fabric that upholsters the seat has also been selected with suitable organic components to complete a 100% craftsman and natural design. OLEA has been made to enjoy it in company with tranquility, with time, as when we observe the immensity of the sea in a sunset and the clock stops to have protagonism.


We wanted to create a piece of design that transmits all these messages and that are the values that also support Thelos: passion for nature, for the Mediterranean, for its people, for the ancestral craftsmanship and for the always innovative design of Barcelona.



With a visual aesthetic play, the OLEA chair recalls classic Nordic designs, if we look at it frontally and later, and on the other hand, if we look at it laterally it has a much more contemporary and forceful air, of current design. The idea of playing with different visions is what attracted us to the initial proposal of the designer Eli Monjo and from there we worked together the rest of the characteristics of this design, evolving details towards a marked feminine aesthetic sensibility, until arriving at the final prototype set.


OLEA is available in Oak wood, Oak stained Wegé, Ash and Walnut. The upholstery is in fabrics and natural tones that combine with the woods, always looking for this clear message that we want to convey with OLEA: nature and naturalness.




We have created OLEA to live it everywhere, in the private residence, in restaurants and in hotels. Playing with the combinations, OLEA can adapt to different spaces with the naturalness that we look for when choosing a decorative piece that culminates a decorative project with character and in a unique way. OLEA has been a pleasure for us to bring to life, knowing that it will generate, and hopefully, many pleasant moments for its users.


The design is by Eli Monjo for our collection of Thelos 2016.


Eli Monjo

OLEA by Eli Monjo. A deep journey to feminine aesthetic sensibility.

The experience of working with a new designer but with the most clear ideas makes a new work methodology, innovative and fresh. With Eli Monjo working details of the OLEA chair has been a profound journey to feminine aesthetic sensibility and the necessary dialogue between the materials that make up the chair and the empathy with the users. A creative intensity of the designers who leave the university that we value a lot. It’s been a pleasure Eli!


More info and catalogue at: OLEA


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