A goal with soul

THELOS. The soul of 2018.


We welcome the news on our collection with enthusiasm and illusion, with the aim of continuing to grow the Thelos family, both inside and outside, both with the internal team and with our suppliers and customers. But above all by making the satisfaction of all people grow, to build a better world from within and from out of Thelos.

We understand that the soul of Thelos is all that is related to Thelos and of who lives intensely furniture design in the most natural way, like us, enjoying the craftsmanship and its refined details, in touch with the wood and natural fabrics, with the design and its daily and essential uses, in short, the soul that contains Thelos.

We want to continue sharing these values with those who already know us and also explore the world to carry the message beyond that the sensitivity in the look of our everyday objects, like the very elaborate furniture, brings well-being and enjoyment to people who live together in their intimate and family environments, as well as in the most crowded spaces. We want to share the soul of Thelos to be it merges with the soul of the most contemporary and serene interior spaces. This is Thelos, the design with soul.

The Thelos team

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